BNSF 25th Anniversary ES44s: Variations Galore!

BNSF 25th Anniversary ES44s: Variations Galore!
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BNSF 25th Anniversary ES44s: Variations Galore!

We’ve heard it time and time again: “Another GEVO?! Blah! They all look the same. Well, as you’ll see by this chart, no two BNSF 25th Anniversary GE ES44 GEVO locomotives are the same. Based on the road numbers BNSF selected and the limited number of anniversary prototype photos, we believed there were five (5) different variations when we announced the HO models on September 22nd. Well… our assumptions were nowhere close to reality. We continued to gather prototype photos from photographers as well as in the field ourselves. Over time, we learned all 10 locomotives have different features including placement of the eight (8) railroad heralds. One unit even has mismatched striping. Here’s a chart of several features found on our Rivet Counter models:

Exhaust Stack Variations
Heat Exchanger Housing
Conspicuity stripe placement.
Nose Door Grab Iron
PTC Array Variations
MU Cables
Black or Orange Nose Grab Irons