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ScaleTrains Road Trip

We’re sure these words bring back fond memories of family vacations, fun destinations, and kids arguing in the back seat. “Are we there yet?”

We’re about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime that will take us to all 50 states over the next couple of years. Along the way, we want to meet you and have you play a role in our Road Trip story. Click-on the Road Trip video to learn more.


Be a part of the journey

Shortly after unveiling our company in 2015, the Chattanooga Modular Modelers invited us to share our story with several clubs from Tennessee and Georgia. This was the beginning of what we now know as a “Meet & Greet.”

During a Meet & Greet, we display our latest products and encourage folks to pick-up the models for a closer look. We spend about an hour sharing our company story, how model trains are made, and answering every question asked about our company and favorite hobby. We also have gift bags and giveaways, so no one leaves empty handed. If possible, we run trains on the club layout too.

Normally, Meet & Greets are held in cities where we’re exhibiting at a train show. We’ve held dozens at local clubs and they’re a lot of fun. We always enjoy connecting with fellow modelers in a casual environment.

More than a year ago, we began talking about how to reach people in areas that do not have a national level or large regional train show. With more than a year of planning, the idea evolved into also exhibiting at regional train shows; attending special events at railroad museums; setting-up at full-scale railroad festivals; hosting train-watching days at railfan hotspots; and more. We then asked special guests to join us along the way and several partners (see below) to share the news. The Road Trip was born.

We recently acquired a truck and RV so we can travel everywhere and set-up anywhere. This will allow us to visit all 50 states over the next couple of years. If everything comes together, we’ll meet our friends in Canada too.

We need your help to find clubs in all 50 states. If your club would like to host a Meet & Greet, please click here and complete the Club Visit Form.

Saturday, August 28, 2021
Danville Junction Chapter • Rossville, Illinois
Open house from 11am to 4pm

Noon: The ScaleTrains Story and How Model Trains Are Made

Here are our tentative travel plans
This will evolve as our plans come more into focus.

August/September 2021 — Central/Southern Illinois; potentially surrounding states

October/November 2021 — Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas panhandle, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California

Winter 2021/2022 — Southern States

Spring 2022 — Midwest

Summer 2022 — Upper Plains; Northern Rockies; and Pacific Northwest

Fall 2022 — New England

Winter 2022/2023 — Texas; Louisiana; Hawaii

Spring 2023 — Mid-Atlantic States

Summer 2023 — Middle Plains; Central Rockies; Central/Northern California; Alaska


To share the latest news about the Road Trip, we’ve partnered with several organizations. Several will be joining us in person along the way (denoted on the schedule). We encourage you to visit our partner’s respective websites and social media by clicking their logo below.

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