Rivet Counter N Scale GE ET44AC Tier 4 GEVo ET44AC, GE Demo

The ScaleTrains.com Tier 4 GEVo diesel locomotive is the first model in HO scale and is officially licensed by GE. We worked closely with GE Transportation to ensure every dimension and detail of this modern locomotive is as accurate as possible. With nearly 1,000 units built since 2012, the GE Tier 4 GEVo is owned by nearly every Class I railroad in the U.S. and Canada.

Like it’s full-scale counterpart, our N Scale model is evolutionary with railroad and road number specific details. In addition, our locomotive is available with factory installed sound.

Run: 4
Announced: Dec 21, 2022
Arrived: Jan 5, 2023
DCC & Sound Equipped Retail: $289.99 DC/DCC Ready Retail: $171.99 DCC Equipped Retail: $209.99

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SXT31016-4 2015 DCC & Sound Equipped
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SXT31017-4 2015 DC/DCC Ready
Special Price $128.99 Regular Price $137.99
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SXT31454 2015 DCC Equipped
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