Rivet Counter N Scale Thrall 4727 Carbon Black Covered Hopper, Transportation Company of America/TCMX

In 1992, Thrall introduced the 4727 cubic foot carbon black covered hopper. In contrast with the boxy 5750 cubic foot design, this newer design more closely resembles traditional covered hoppers. Similar in appearance to “high-hip” grain hoppers, these cars featured three bays, external posts, and “open” ends with visible slope sheets. Common with their larger 5750cf cousins, these 70-ton cars feature “butterfly” outlets, multiple round loading hatches on the car roof (22 or 28 depending upon customer specifications), and sampling spigots mounted into small indents in the car sides.Carbon Black Covered Hoppers can be seen throughout North America are commonly found in large groups near major carbon black producers or users. They can also be seen singularly or in small blocks of cars in mixed freight trains.

Run: 2
Announced: Jan 25, 2020
Arrived: Aug 9, 2022
Retail Price: $39.99

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