Preorder Policy


Our Preorder Policy applies to consumer preorders placed directly with, Inc.  By placing a preorder, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the Preorder Policy.

Select Retailers are independently owned and operated.  Preorders placed with a Select Retailer are subject to the individual retailer’s preorder policy.

Select Retailers are subject to our wholesale policy.



Placing a preorder ensures the exact model(s) you desire to purchase is reserved for you when it becomes available (in stock) at our Benton, Tennessee warehouse.

We encourage preorders be placed by the preorder deadline noted on our ETA page (  Preorders received by the preorder deadline guarantee the customer will receive the model desired plus it helps us determine the quantity of each item to order from our factory.

We usually order additional inventory so we have product available to sell beyond the preorder deadline.  We are unable to determine how long this inventory will be available for preorder or purchase upon arrival because it is impossible to predict how many new orders we will receive after the preorder deadline.  If our website accepts a preorder after the preorder deadline, we will fulfill the preorder.



Preorders can be placed via and by calling 844-987-2467 (844-9TRAINS) in North America or 423-299-3689 outside North America.

All preorders placed require an account be established and acceptance of our preorder policy during the checkout process.

Setting-up a customer account allows access to the preorder tab in the “My Account” section of our website and provides the ability to combine preorders placed at different times and shipping on the same date into a single order to help reduce shipping costs.



We work closely with our factory to provide a realistic delivery date at the time a new product is announced.  Sometimes, additional details become available after the announcement.  To ensure our models are as accurate as possible, we will delay production rather than ship a model that does not meet our high-quality standards.

To view the most up to date to delivery information, visit…

  1. The product delivery schedule (ETA) page (
  2. The preorder section of “My Account” ( on our website
  3. The “Shop Now” tab on the product page

When your preorder departs our factory, we will send an e-mail with a delivery date that is within approximately 30-days.  One week prior to arrival, we’ll send a second reminder with the expected arrival date.

The delivery date reminder e-mails provide a great opportunity to verify the payment method, shipping address, items ordered, etc. are correct.  Payment, shipping, and/or preorder updates must be completed within 24-hours of the arrival date to ensure the changes take effect before the automated fulfillment process begins.



Placing a preorder is a non-binding commitment to purchase a model(s) when it becomes available.   Please do not place large preorders with the intention of reducing/canceling later if you change your mind.

We understand “life happens” so we accept quantity reductions and cancellations.  If you would like to adjust the items on your preorder, please let us know as soon as possible.   This provides us an opportunity to resell the model(s) to other customers.  E-mail us at [email protected] or call 844-987-2467 (844-9TRAINS) in North America or 423-299-3689 outside of North America

Please provide the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Order number
  • Item number(s)
  • Quantity desired

Continual and excessive cancelations as deemed by may result in the cancellation of current preorders and/or the inability to place future preorders.

To increase a preorder, please place a separate preorder.  We track preorders by date and time.  In the unlikely event something catastrophic happens (i.e. container falls off a ship, shipment is damaged in transit, etc.), we would fulfill preorders by date and time placed.  If a scenario like this occurs, we reserve the right to limit quantities.



Payment is due at the time a preordered product(s) arrives at our Benton, Tennessee warehouse.

Inventory for unpaid preorders is reserved for 14-days after the arrival date.  At 5:00pm EST on the 14th day after payment requests are sent, unpaid preorders are automatically canceled and the item(s) is made available for sale on our website.

For unpaid preorders, we send two payment reminders prior to cancellation.  When possible, we will call the phone number on file at least one time to collect payment.

We understand unexpected events happen and additional time may be needed to make payment.  To extend the payment deadline, e-mail us at [email protected] with the preorder number and anticipated payment date.  We will confirm whether or not we are able to accommodate the request within three (3) business days.



Credit cards

If a preorder is placed using our website, the credit card information is safely stored by our payment gateway during checkout.  We do not have access to personal credit card information.

When the preorder arrives, the default credit card number on file will be automatically billed.  Orders with a credit card on file normally ship first because they are paid first. is not responsible for credit card or bank fees associated with automatic credit card billing including but not limited to overdraft and over the credit limit.

Credit card information may be updated at any time in the “My Account” section of our website.  Changes can be applied at the preorder level or to all preorders.

If a credit card number is not on file, an e-mail is sent to the address associated with customer account and includes a secure link to pay for the preorder.


If PayPal is selected as the payment method when the initial preorder is placed, an e-mail will be sent to the address associated with customer account.  Click the secure payment link to pay for the order.

Gift Code

Gift code(s) can be applied to the preorder during checkout.

To apply a gift code after a preorder has been placed, e-mail us at [email protected] or call 844-987-2467 (844-9TRAINS) in North America or 423-299-3689 outside North America with the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Order number
  • Gift code number(s)


Inside Contiguous United States

We normally do not hold paid preorders inside the contiguous United States except when the customer is out-of-town.

Outside the Contiguous United States

We understand the desire to combine preorders arriving at different times to help reduce shipping costs.  That being said, our payment gateway providers have strict shipping timeframes for paid orders.  Orders paid using PayPal must ship within 21-days.  Credit card orders must ship within 28-days.  Because of the potential penalties that can be assessed for violating the payment gateway provider’s shipping policy, we are unable to make exceptions.



Shipping preorders to an address within the contiguous United States

If an order includes both in-stock and preordered/backordered items, will pay the ground shipping charges for the initial order if the in-stock order value exceeds $99. If the in-stock amount is less than $99, our standard $9.99 shipping and handling fee will be added to the shipment.

When a preordered/backordered product(s) becomes available, will pay the ground shipping charges as long as the shippable total is $99 or more before sales tax and shipping charges are applied. If the shippable total is under $99, a $9.99 shipping fee will be added to the order.

Preordered/backordered items often arrive at different times. Each shipment is subject to the $99 minimum for free ground shipping.

Shipping preorders outside the contiguous United States

The default shipping method for preorders outside of the contiguous United States Priority Mail International by the US Postal Service.  We receive discounted shipping rates from the US Postal Service and UPS.  We pass these savings to our customers by charging actual shipping charges plus a $1 handling fee.  Shipping charges do not include taxes, duties, or brokerage fees if applicable for international customers.

Since preorders/backorders often arrive at different times, each shipment is subject to shipping charges.

Please refer to our shipping policy ( for additional details.



We have a physical presence in both Tennessee and California and are required by state laws to collect sales tax.  Sales tax is determined at the time the preorder arrives.  The amount is added pre-freight to orders shipping into California and post freight shipping within Tennessee.



Preorders normally ship within three business days of receiving payment.  This timeframe may be longer during high volume times.  Orders are shipped in the sequence of payment received.

Selecting enhanced shipping such as 2-day or 1-day during checkout only affects the number of business days in transit.  Enhanced shipping does not cause an order to be moved to the front of the line to be fulfilled.  Due to our rural location, allow one extra business day when selecting US Postal Service (USPS) enhanced shipping.

Once the order is ready to depart our Benton, Tennessee warehouse, we will e-mail a shipping confirmation with tracking information.  Please allow a few hours for the carrier to update their computer system.



We reserve the right to modify or change our preorder policy at any time.  Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon posting to our Preorder Policy webpage.  We encourage you to review our Preorder Policy regularly to be familiar with latest updates.