ExactRail Platinum HO Scale PC&F 7633 Appliance Boxcar, Canadian Pacific/Red/Milwaukee Road #4225

In the 1980s the Canadian Pacific repainted a few of the former Milwaukee Road PC&F 7633 Boxcars. In the photos in our collection we were able to locate only 2 numbers that were repainted and each was unique. Both cars received CP's Action Red paint and retained the original MILW reporting marks and numbers. Car 4225 was the more spartan of the two and received data only in a simple helvetica style lettering. Car 4231 was repainted earlier and received the CP Rail lettering and used a narrow, sans serif lettering style with stencil breaks. Both cars were still on the rails through the 2000s.

Announced: Jun 30, 2023
Arrived: Sep 29, 2023
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