ESU LokProgrammer

The  ESU LokProgrammer® is a device made by ESU that allows you to customize the functionality of your ESU-equipped locomotives, whether you model HO, N, or other scales. Thanks to the graphics screen on the device, it’s the easiest way to program your models. You don’t need any DCC programming experience to adjust the Control Variables (CVs), which makes the process much less stressful and not as time-consuming. In fact, with a LokProgrammer, the entire process can be fun thanks to the many customizable sound and lighting options available to modelers.

What the LokProgrammer can do:

• Change the sound saved on the decoder
• Setting all digital parameters of the Loksound decoder such as…
• Change the address of the locomotives
• Speed Matching
• Change locomotive momentum/braking speed
• Adjust the brightness of the lights
• Rearrange your sounds and transfer them to the LokSound decoder
• Custom sounds
• And more…

IMPORTANT: the ESU LokProgrammer is only compatible with PC computers equipped with sound cards and Windows software (Windows 8.1 and higher is required). 
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