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Todd Arnett's Custom Weathered BNSF DASH-9

Todd Arnett’s Weathered BNSF DASH-9

An Article by Todd Arnett

BNSF 4337 has found a home on the NS Princeton-Deepwater District. In order to
properly fit in my “modern” era (modern being very broad), this unit was weathered so as to
appear with some age.

The first step was to mask all windows and lights. I then applied Tamiya Black Panel Line
Accent Color to the truck springs and the space between the doors of the carbody in order to
add depth. The Tamiya Accent Color has a fine tip brush for application that will allow the paint
to spread and fill all recessed areas quite nicely. Once dry, I applied an initial coat of Dullcoat.
I did want one of the air tanks and the air conditioner to appear as being replaced so I
masked these items prior to weathering. Once completed with these steps, it was back to the

FRA safety stripes applied, Todd’s BNSF DASH-9 looks era-appropriate for his modern NS layout.

I didn’t want an excessive weathered appearance of the entire unit, only the trucks, fuel
tank and side sills. This reflects how I best recall the units in the H2 scheme from my past
travels to Arizona. For this I used two specific paint colors, Model Master military brown and
dark tan. The dark tan was lightly applied to the entire model just to add some age. The military
brown was applied to the trucks, fuel tank and side sills but in a heavier manner.

The unique stack cover of BNSF Railway was included in this latest run.
The unique stack cover of BNSF Railway was included in this latest run.

After a final coat of Dullcoat, I applied various shades of rust (dark, medium and light)
on the exhaust stack, truck side frames and fuel tank. The diesel fuel overspill on the fuel tank is
a light application of the Tamiya accent color.

BNSF 4337 is now ready to assist in moving coal on the Princeton-Deepwater District!

Learn more about Todd’s layout in our first ever layout tour video. See it below.