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Time to Model: Unveiling the “Spirit of Our Law Enforcement”

In July 2019, we traveled to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky for the historic move of C&O Berkshire #2716 from New Haven to Ravenna. Ravenna rolled out the red carpet with an old-fashioned summer celebration. During the welcoming ceremony, we were blessed to present Kentucky Steam with a donation from the proceeds of the HO and N Scale “Spirit of Ravenna” ET44 locomotives.

Earlier that year, CSX unveiled the “Pride in Service” program and painted #911 and #1776 to honor first responders and our military members. While we were in Ravenna, we had the opportunity to meet the three key people who were the driving force behind these special locomotives.

They shared they were working on a third unit and invited us to the Huntington, West Virginia shops for the reveal in late August. The shop manager suggested we arrive early so we would time have plenty of time to photograph the locomotive before the special guests arrived.

When we arrived in Huntington, we were directed to a far corner of the shops where the CSX #3194 Spirit of Our Law Enforcement was positioned for the day’s festivities.


Even though CSX provided us with the paint and lettering diagrams for all three locomotives, we wanted to be sure to capture the locomotive from every angle since changes often occur during the painting and decaling processes.

After a while, the special guests began arriving… CSX railroad police, local law enforcement, sheriff deputies, state police officers, a canine unit, and more.

A couple of CSX shop employees also posed for family photos. You can see the pride in their faces for their loved ones who wear a badge.

Throughout the afternoon, we came to realize how much this unique blue and black locomotive meant to each law enforcement officer in attendance. We were humbled to hear how much they appreciated CSX’s recognition for the job they do. We’re truly thankful we were able to be included in this special event.

Thank you for the job that you do first responders, military personnel, and law enforcement officers.