Rivet Counter N Scale Gunderson Multi-Max Autorack, Norfolk Southern/Horsehead/CTTX

With several thousand auto carriers built for nearly all North American Class One railroads since 2014, the Greenbrier/Gunderson Multi-Max has become the premier auto carrier design of the 21st century. Many of these cars wear colorful paint schemes and feature large logos which help them stand out alongside older autorack designs.

Our N Scale Rivet Counter series Multi-Max Autorack features maximum detail. Railroad, road number, and era specific details include four (4) body variations; three (3) ladder styles; two (2) types of end doors; separate end door rods; three (3) end sill configurations; two (2) different upper and lower side panel mountings; inside or outside mounted brake cylinder, brake beam, and brake rod support mounting brackets; and much more.

Run: 2
Announced: Jun 14, 2022
Arrived: Mar 3, 2023
Retail Price: $58.99

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