Rivet Counter HO Scale GE C39-8 Phase Ib, Norfolk Southern/As Built

Introduced in 1984, the C39-8 maintained the clean contours of the long hood and rounded cab roof of the DASH 7 series but featured larger, angular radiator “wings” at the rear of the carbody, an angular low short hood, and a boxy dynamic brake and clean air compartment at the front of the long hood, which jutted above the cab roofline.

Our model combines smooth operating performance with unparalleled railroad, road number, and era specific details™ and LED lighting features.

Run: 3
Announced: Mar 24, 2023
Estimated Time of Arrival: Nov 30, 2023
DCC & Sound Equipped Retail: $362.99 DC/DCC Ready Retail: $237.99

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SXT38733 8552 DCC & Sound Equipped
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SXT38734 8552 DC/DCC Ready
Preorder 11/30/2023
SXT38735 8559 DCC & Sound Equipped
Preorder 11/30/2023
SXT38736 8559 DC/DCC Ready
Preorder 11/30/2023