Rivet Counter HO Scale EMD SD40-2, Santa Fe

Product Description

The Rivet Counter HO Scale SD40-2 is the definitive model of this popular locomotive.


Road Number Specific ScaleTrains

These Santa Fe SD40-2 locomotives represent Phase IIIb2 units built in November/December 1980 from series ATSF 5125-5140. They were built with 123” “snoot nose” low short hoods to house Locotrol remote control equipment to allow for unmanned helper operations. Unlike today’s computerized DPU equipment that allows any unit so equipped to operate as a master or remote, early equipment was dedicated. Even-numbered units were masters while odd-numbered units were remotes. These are also distinctive for being “Post-80” units equipped with EMD’s exhaust silencer housing, extended-range “bulged” dynamic brake housing, and 48” radiator “Q-Fans”. Resplendent in their blue and yellow “Warbonnets”, these units have the following railroad, road number, and era-specific details:

  • ATSF 5125 and 5137
    • “EMD-style” as-delivered hood lettering
  • ATSF 5128
    • “Santa Fe” style hood lettering
    • Yellow-painted front anticlimber
    • Painted beacon base
    • Painted exhaust silencer housing
  • ATSF 5140
    • “Santa Fe” style hood lettering
    • Painted beacon base
    • Painted exhaust silencer housing
  • 123” “snoot nose” low short hood with brakewheel, stand-off radio compartment access door, and sandbox cleanouts
  • Operating Prime PM-8901 Stratolite beacon on cab roof bracket
  • Operating “stand-off” style tri-color class lights on low short hood front
  • No class lights or number boards on long hood end
  • Vapor Corp. rooftop cab air conditioner unit
  • Rooftop Locotrol antenna ground planes, antennas, and conduits
  • Front EMD-style pilot plow with MU hose doors
  • Standard “blunt” front anticlimber
  • “Fixed” rear drop step
  • Sub-base doors with late hinges and bolted battery box doors with large louvers and stiffener rib
  • Cab with welded side window panels and short sunshade tracks
  • Leslie RS3-LR Horn mounted on clearance bracket
  • Welded ECAFB (late)
  • Late electrical cabinet “zig-zag” seam
  • Late inertial air intake grilles
  • "Post 1980" extended-range dynamic brake housing with exhaust silencer
  • Corrugated radiator intake grilles
  • 48" radiator single-speed "Q" Fans with fan blades visible inside
  • “Notched” pilot faces with lifting slots
  • 3-hose MU hose clusters
  • Rear MU hose catch pockets
  • Uncoupling levers with “loop” handles
  • “Tall” stepwells
  • Short jacking pads (late)
  • Aft engineer’s side sidesill notch
  • Tab-style EFCO
  • Frame-mounted bell
  • Highly detailed 4,000 gallon fuel tank with fuel fillers and gauges
  • Detailed HT-C trucks with brake plumbing and traction motor and air duct
  • Late center axle snubber
  • DCC & sound version includes ESU-LokSound Select 4.0 decoder with “Full Throttle”

          Rivet Counter SD40-2 Locomotive Features

          • All-new model
          • Fully assembled
          • Four (4) different road numbers
          • Dimensionally accurate truck centers
          • Underbody frame rail with separate plumbing and traction motor cables
          • Sectioned treadplate detail on the walkways
          • Accurate hood door and long hood detail
          • Accurately profiled dynamic brake housings 
          • See-through dynamic brake intakes with resistor grid detail
          • Factory-applied wire grab irons, wire lift rings, windshield wipers, snowplows, horns, coupler cut levers, and trainline hoses
          • Semi-scale coupler buffer equipped with ScaleTrains.com durable metal semi-scale E Type knuckle couplers
          • Directional LED headlights
          • LED lighted number boards
          • All-wheel drive
          • All-wheel electrical pick-up
          • Dual flywheel
          • Motor with 5-pole skew wound armature.
          • Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
          • Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors whenever possible
          • Operates on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
          • Packaging safely stores model
          • Minimum radius: 18”
          • Recommended radius: 22”



          In January 1972, Electro-Motive Division (EMD) of General Motors would build the first production models of a locomotive design that would prove to be legendary: the SD40-2. The flagship of the “Dash-2” series of 1972, the SD40-2 would build upon the lessons learned from its predecessor, the SD40. While the sixteen-cylinder 645E3 turbocharged prime mover remained the same from its SD40 cousin, the SD40-2 boasted a modular, solid-state electrical system, which featured removable “cards” in place of troublesome relays in its high-voltage cabinet, greatly simplifying electrical troubleshooting and repairs.

          Externally, the biggest change was the use of the new HT-C three-axle truck in place of the Flexi-coil C of the SD40. The new truck promised greater adhesion, and was longer than the Flexi-coil C, necessitating an increase of the length of the SD40-2s frame to an overall length of 68’, 10” over the couplers. This also had the effect of giving the SD40-2 its characteristic long walkway “porches” at each end. Other small external improvements, such as longer battery box compartments, rear overhang on the cab roof, and drip rail over the front cab door, added to the list of external differences between it and the SD40.

          Domestic production of the SD40-2 continued until July 1984 making it one of EMD’s most popular locomotives of all time. Many remain in service today, both with original owners as well as secondhand operators. Within the last five years, Norfolk Southern, CSX, and Union Pacific have rebuilt hundreds of SD40-2s to extend their operating life. This will ensure this venerable locomotive’s presence on U.S. rails for decades to come.

          SKU Road Number & Sound Option Price Quantity
          SXT30454 5125 / ESU LokSound DCC & Sound Equipped $219.99 Sold Out
          SXT30455 5125 / DCC & Sound Ready $149.99 Sold Out
          SXT30456 5128 / ESU LokSound DCC & Sound Equipped $219.99 Sold Out
          SXT30457 5128 / DCC & Sound Ready $149.99 Sold Out
          SXT30458 5137 / ESU LokSound DCC & Sound Equipped $219.99 Sold Out
          SXT30459 5137 / DCC & Sound Ready $149.99 Sold Out
          SXT30460 5140 / ESU LokSound DCC & Sound Equipped $219.99 Sold Out
          SXT30461 5140 / DCC & Sound Ready $149.99 Sold Out

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