Rivet Counter HO Scale BSC F68AH Bulkhead Flatcar, TTPX/Speed Logo

Product Description

Introduced in 1969, the Bethlehem Steel Co. (BSC) F68-series of 100-ton, 68’ foot long (over end sills) flats represented a new generation of high-capacity flat cars.  Extremely versatile, the basic design could be equipped from the factory with a variety of appliances to handle different loadings. Our model is accurately rendered from builder drawings and photos and features road number specific details.

Road Number Specific ScaleTrains 

Trailer Train/Speed Logo

  • TTPX series 80889-81018, built 1973
  • TTPX series 81019-81048 and 81260-81359, built 1974
  • Era: 1991+
    • Examples with the 1991 Speed Logo have been noted in service to present day
    • No deck risers
  • TTPX 80931, 81046, 81272, and 81335
    • Patched areas covering original “TT” and “Trailer Train” branding
    • No deck risers
  • TTPX 80978
    • Repaint
    • Deck risers
  • TTPX 81043
    • Repaint
    • No deck risers
  • As-built bulkheads (62’ inside length)
  • Late sidesills
  • Late “box” style integrated jacking pad and roping eye
  • Logo extension panels

      Additional Features

      • All-new model
      • First time in HO scale
      • Multiple road numbers per paint scheme
      • Separate laser-cut wood deck to be applied by the modeler
      • Recessed deck tie-down details
      • Decks with transverse risers, or plain decks
      • Durable die-cast metal semi-scale long-shank Type E couplers
      • 100-ton trucks with hydraulic snubber and bracket details, rotating bearing caps, and truck-mounted brake beams
      • 36” machined metal wheels
      • Minimum radius: 18”
      • Recommended radius: 22”

      All Rivet Counter Freight Cars Feature

      • Fully assembled
      • Factory-applied metal grab irons
      • Factory-applied coupler cut levers
      • Trainline hoses
      • Intricate brake plumbing
      • Photo-etched stainless steel see-through end crossover platforms
      • Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
      • Color matched to existing Tru-Color Paint colors whenever possible
      • Accurately profiled .110" wide wheel tread
      • Weighted to Industry standards for reliable operation
      • Operates on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
      • Packaging safely stores model


      The first production BSC F68-series flat cars, the F68AH, first appeared in 1969.  They were initially equipped with 10’, 11” tall end bulkheads with wood facing; wood deck with integral tie-down channels; and steel deck risers.  These 100-ton cars came equipped with 36” wheels, trucks equipped with hydraulic snubbers (at opposite corners of the car), and 15” End of Car Cushioning (EOCC) to improve ride quality and reduce dangerous shifting loads.  

      Well over 1,100 F68AH bulkhead flats were built before production of the design ceased in August 1974. Several are still in service today. 

      The early builds featured an “H” shaped fabricated jacking pad at the bolsters.  During the final two years of production, this changed to a fabricated box with an integral roping eye.  All were built with transverse steel risers in the deck but this feature would start to be removed from the fleet after just a few years of service.  While most cars featured a bulkhead face-to-face distance (inside length) of 62’, some cars were equipped with added bulkhead faces over the original bulkheads which reduced the inside length to 60’, 6”. 

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