Rivet Counter 2018 N Scale Convention Union Pacific GTEL 8500 Horsepower “Big Blow” Turbine #26

Product Description

The 2018 N Scale Convention hosted by the N Scale Enthusiast (NSE) is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah. The convention logo commemorates the Union Pacific Railroad’s heritage in the State of Utah by featuring “Big Blow” Turbine #26 which is preserved at the Utah State Railroad Museum (USRM) in Ogden, UT.

For a brief period of time, a large convention logo adorned the “A” unit of #26. To help benefit the preservation of #26 and to support the NSE, we are producing a limited run of just 126 #26 “Big Blow” Turbines with the convention logo.

$10,000 from the sales of this locomotive will be donated to the USRM and NSE ($5,000 to each organization).

The model includes several extras including:
  • Unique packaging
  • Print featuring world-famous railroad artist Gil Bennet’s #26 Turbine painting in Echo Canyon, UT
  • #26 pin Certificate denoting 1 of 126 units

One model will include a “golden ticket” to redeem for a autographed giclee painting of Gil Bennet’s #26 painting in Echo Canyon valued at over $200.


Road Number Specific ScaleTrains

“A” Control Unit

  • Factory-applied windshield wipers, ladders, windshield wipers, and multiple unit (MU) hoses
  • Photo-etched metal side grilles
  • Intricate frame rail detail including traction motor cables
  • H – I dynamic brake housing configuration
  • Extended fuel tank retrofit
  • Modified radiators
  • Air intake scoops
  • Nose grab iron ladder
  • Cab interior
  • Radiator mounted Leslie S-5T-R Air Horn
  • Square base whip antenna
  • Wheel slip detectors
  • Speed recorder
  • LED headlights and number boards
  • Powered
  • All-wheel drive


“B” Turbine Unit

  • Factory-applied ladders and multiple unit (MU) hoses
  • Photo-etched metal walkway
  • Intricate frame rail detail including traction motor cables
  • I – I dynamic brake housing configuration
  • Dynavane intake housing
  • Turbine fan blades visible inside exhaust tube
  • Blanked door panels
  • Rear MU connections
  • Wheel slip detectors
  • Powered
  • All-wheel drive


23C Fuel Tender

  • 23,000-gallon capacity
  • Riveted seams
  • Non Insulated
  • Buckeye 6-wheel trucks
  • Operating rear tender light
  • Factory-applied air tank, brake cylinder, and control valve
  • Factory-applied multiple unit (MU) hoses
  • Photo-etched metal tender deck walkway


DCC & Sound Equipped Models Also Feature

  • ESU-LokSound Select decoder
  • “A” unit prime mover sound
  • “B” unit turbine sound


Standard Rivet Counter “Big Blow” Turbine Features

  • Fully assembled
  • Factory-applied wire grab irons, coupler cut levers
  • Durable body-mounted semi-scale Type E knuckle
  • Operate using DC and DCC
  • Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors for easy touch-ups
  • Minimum radius: 11”
  • Recommended radius: 19"



  • Record setting horsepower
  • Massive measurements – 3-unit set spans over 180’ in length
  • Screaming “jet” engine

These are the hallmarks of the Union Pacific Railroad’s unique GTEL 8500 Horsepower Turbine locomotives. Often called “Big Blows” because of their deafening noise, they roamed the less populated landscape between Council Bluffs, IA and Ogden, UT. 30 three unit sets were built between 1958 and 1961 and all were retired by the early 1970s.

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