Refurb. of HO Scale TrinityRail 31K Crude Oil Tank Car, STAX/ Stauffer Chemical CO

Product Description

This product is refurbished and the price reflects a 10% savings from our regular selling price. Some models have minor cosmetic blemishes, which are sold as is on the blemishes or possible damaged packaging. All models are mechanically sound and the warranty is still applicable.

TrinityRail® has produced nearly 1,000 31K Tank Cars with Head Shields for Stauffer Chemical.

HO Trinity Rail 31K Crude Oil Tank Car, Stauffer Chemical/STAX

  • Era: 2015 to present
  • 24 different road numbers plus unnumbered
  • Etched-metal head shields for realistic thin profile
  • Finely detailed manway cover and protective housing details
  • See-through top and end photo-etched metal platforms
  • Sturdy metal anti-personnel rods
  • Finely detailed tank saddles with defect card holders
  • Precision injection-molded one-piece tank body with individual ends
  • Standard full-height ladders
  • Separately-applied metal corner and end sill grab irons
  • Underbody outlet valve and chain detail
  • FRA-224 yellow conspicuity striping
  • Printed hazmat placard 1947 for ethanol service
  • ASF Motion Control Super Service 110-ton trucks with rotating blue bearing caps
  • Handbrake housing with finely detailed wheel and chain
  • Brake beam
  • Control valve, air reservoir, brake cylinder and brake
  • Durable body mounted metal semi-scale SE Type double-shelf knuckle couplers
  • 36” machined metal wheels
  • Unnumbered cars available to create longer unit trains
  • Decal sheet with number jumble available separately for unnumbered cars
  • Minimum radius: 18”
  • Recommended radius: 22”

All Rivet Counter Freight Cars Feature

  • Multiple road numbers
  • Fully assembled
  • Factory-applied metal grab irons
  • Coupler cut levers
  • Trainline hoses
  • Intricate brake plumbing
  • Printing and lettering legible even under magnification
  • Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors whenever possible
  • Accurately profiled .110" wide wheel tread
  • Weighted to Industry standards
  • Operates on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
  • Packaging safely stores model


Since 2012, TrinityRail has built thousands of 31,000 Gallon Crude Oil Tank Cars to meet the growing needs of the oil industry. Mile-long unit trains with 100+ cars crisscross the United States and Canada daily to deliver crude from the oil fields of North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana to refineries on the East, Gulf and West Coasts.  These cars are now being used in ethanol service as well.  The TrinityRail tank car is easy recognizable by its unique trapezoid-shaped end shields.

Retail Price: $49.99

Our Selling price:

1-5: $39.99

6-11: $36.99

12 or more: $32.99

SKU Roadnumber Price Quantity
SXT30200REF 10001 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30201REF 10005 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30202REF 10012 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30203REF 10016 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30204REF 10023 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30205REF 10034 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30206REF 10047 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30207REF 10052 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30208REF 10060 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30209REF 10451 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30210REF 10463 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30211REF 10477 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30212REF 10480 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30213REF 10496 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30214REF 10523 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30215REF 10545 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30216REF 10551 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30217REF 10563 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30218REF 10572 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30219REF 10584 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30220REF 10590 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30221REF 10606 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30222REF 10618 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30223REF 16022 $36.00 Sold Out
SXT30224REF Undec $36.00 Sold Out