Operator HO Scale Gunderson 5188cf Covered Hopper, BNSF/Wedge

Product Description

Designed from builder blueprints, the all-new Gunderson-GIMSA/Concarril 5188 Cubic Foot Covered Hopper features all of the detail you have come to expect from our Rivet Counter line. These cars are common in unit grain trains as well as mixed manifest freights and can often be found alongside Trinity 5161cf Covered Hoppers.


Prototype Specific ScaleTrains

  • All-new model
  • Molded end cage
  • Metal roof hatches
  • ATP 30 X 30 Outlets
  • Triple valve, cylinder, and actuator
  • Highly-detailed, one-piece ASF Motion Control Trucks
  • Molded trainline pipe
  • 36” machined metal wheels
  • Minimum radius: 18”
  • Recommended radius: 22”


All Operator Freight Cars Feature

  • Multiple road numbers
  • Fully assembled
  • Color matched to Tru-Color Paint colors
  • Simplified underbody brake rigging details  
  • Body mounted semi-scale knuckle couplers
  • Simplified printing and lettering legible even under magnification
  • Accurately profiled .110" wide wheel tread
  • Weighted to Industry standards
  • Operates on Code 70, 83 and 100 rail
  • Packaging safely stores model
  • Enhancements available separately including metal grab irons, coupler cut levers, trainline hoses, and more



Grain and grain products are one of the leading commodities hauled by railroads today. Typically carried in covered hoppers, designs have evolved over the years to increase the efficiency of handling this vital commodity. One of the more popular designs to emerge in recent years is the Gunderson-GIMSA/Concarril 5188cf Covered Hopper.

The Gunderson 5188cf is a large 3-bay hopper that measures 58’ over the coupler centers and is built to fit within the Plate C clearance diagram. These all-steel cars feature a capacity of 5,188 cubic feet and are equipped with trough-style loading hatches for efficient loading. The hatch covers can either be made of metal or non-metal materials depending upon customer specifications. Each of its three bays features a 30” x 30” outlet opening, which can be outfitted with a variety of outlet types depending upon customer requirements and/or commodities to be handled.

With the production of these cars starting in 2007, they have gone through several design changes including the quantity and width of panels used to construct the car sides, addition of two or four large horizontal ribs on the car sides, and placement and design of pulling loops.


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