Operator N Scale CIMC 53’ Reefer Container, Maritime-Ontario

Product Description

The CIMC 53’ Reefer Container was first produced in the early 2000s and is common on intermodal trains today. Visually, the CIMC Container is virtually identical to the Hyundai version so we’re offering paint schemes for both real world manufacturers.

CIMC 53’ Reefer Containers Feature

  • New road name
  • Era: 2000s+
  • Fully assembled
  • Separately applied nose-mounted Thermo-King refrigeration unit and fuel tank
  • Highly detailed molded end cage 
  • Intricately decorated with rooftop reporting marks, conspicuity stripes, end data, CIMC builders’ logos, Thermo-King logo, etc. where appropriate
  • Four painted door rods
  • Several different road numbers available
  • Stackable with our 53’ Corrugated Dry Container as well as most other brands and types of containers.
  • Fits the bottom well of currently available 53’ Well Cars
  • Color matched to Tru-Color Paint off-the-shelf colors whenever possible


Retail: $14.99
Our selling price: $11.99

Retail: $44.99
Our selling price: $35.99

SKU Road Number Price Quantity
SXT10620 512005, 512022, 512050 $35.99 Sold Out
SXT10621 511907, 512011, 512032 $35.99 Sold Out
SXT10622 512029, 512042, 513901 $35.99 Sold Out
SXT10646 512018 $11.99 Sold Out
SXT10647 512049 $11.99 Sold Out
SXT10648 512907 $11.99 Sold Out