Modifying the Multi-Max™ – Inc.

Modifying the Multi-Max™

In this week’s Time to Model Spotlight, we’re featuring several photos of the all-new Rivet Counter HO Scale Kansas City Southern Gunderson Multi-Max Autorack Car that was custom weathered by Daniel Arnold. His weathering and decaling skills really bring out the detail of this fantastic freight car. The white KCS paint scheme is a personal favorite of his because of its simplicity combined with the bold, colorful KCS billboard-style heralds.

Daniel said that he weathered the car this particular way because he wanted to match the look of this current style for the present era. “Since these cars are only a few years old, I kept things simple with light weathering work and paid the most attention to the graffiti which is based on artwork from similar cars in this scheme and number series,” said Arnold.

He continued, “If I had to say in a few words about what my favorite features of this car is, I’d have to say that it’s the overall detailed attention to underbody, side, and end details like brake piping, grab irons, and the finely detailed photo-etched metal panels. Even the small details like the fine bolt head detail on the roof panels are very finely done. Some of the best I’ve seen on any HO autorack,” he said. “I really could go on and on. It’s a fantastic car!  I got several more to weather,” Arnold added.

Thanks for sharing these beautiful images with us, Daniel! You did a fantastic job.