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Milwaukee Road SD40-2s on Bill Heiden’s Layout

Originally from Wisconsin, Bill Heiden grew up along the mainline of the Milwaukee Road in the 70s and 80s. With a soft spot for America’s “Resourceful Railroad,” Bill set out to model the ill-fated Pacific Extension which ran through Montana and Idaho on its way to Washington State. After settling down in west Michigan in the early 2000s, Bill began construction on his dream layout. Nearly two decades later, his layout is regarded as one of the premier Milwaukee Road layouts in the United States. In this week’s Time to Model ™ video, we’re showcasing a duo of Rivet Counter HO Scale SD40-2s as they lead a long freight train through some of the most scenic sections on Bill’s layout. You’ll see several custom-built bridges, small logging towns, tunnels, a derailed freight car resting in the Saint Joe River, and more. In addition, Bill shares his thoughts about our Rivet Counter SD40-2s and says he can’t wait to add more to his roster.

Learn more about Bill’s layout and our Rivet Counter™ HO Scale SD40-2s in this week’s Time to Model video. Watch now: