Operator N Scale CIMC 53’ Corrugated Dry Container, JB Hunt/Uline

Product Description

The CIMC 53’ Corrugated Dry Container can be found on nearly every domestic
intermodal train in the United States and Canada since the early 2000s. This
container features (1) 7 square nose corrugations with top and bottom blank panels plus document box and (2) 8-58-8 square side wall corrugations. The average domestic stack train contains over 200 containers so the CIMC 53’ Dry Container is a must for modern intermodal modeling.

N CIMC 53’ Corrugated Dry Containers Feature

  • New Paint Scheme
  • Era: 2000s+
  • Fully assembled
  • 7 square nose corrugations with blank panels top and bottom
  • 8-58-8 side wall corrugation
  • 1-3-1 beveled door corrugations
  • 6-54-6 roof corrugations
  • Two vents per side
  • Four painted door rods
  • Intricately decorated with rooftop reporting marks, warning labels, conspicuity stripes, end data, CIMC builders’ logos, etc. where appropriate
  • Several different road numbers available
  • Stackable with our 53’ Reefer Container as well as most other brands and types of containers.
  • Fits the bottom well of currently available 53’ Well Cars

Retail: $12.99
Our selling price: $9.99

Retail: $37.99
Our selling price: $29.99

SKU Road Number Price Quantity
SXT10632 250049, 253732, 255295 (Preorder) $29.99
SXT10633 251041, 253824, 257461 $29.99 Sold Out
SXT10658 254609 $9.99 Sold Out
SXT10659 255143 (Preorder) $9.99
SXT10660 262970 $9.99 Sold Out