SD Kit Classics HO Scale Evans 5100 RBL Boxcar, Norfolk Southern

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The Kit Classics series Evans 5100 Cubic Foot Boxcar is affordable, assembles in minutes, and is rugged for years of enjoyment.



  • Built Late 1970s
  • Easy-to-assemble with small Phillips screwdriver
  • Multiple road numbers
  • USRE Design
  • 8' Double-Plug-Door
  • Finely cast door rods and hardware; end ladders; underbody and brake system
  • Separately applied handbrake wheel
  • ASF Ride Control Trucks with raised lettering
  • Machined metal wheels
  • Body-mounted semi-scale Type E knuckle couplers
  • Minimum radius 18”



Introduced during the late 1960s, the Evans 5100 Cubic Foot (cf) Insulated Double-Plug-Door Boxcar was created to meet the growing demands of shippers. Heavy interior insulation and optional internal load restraints led to the Association of American Railroads (AAR) classification of "RBL” - Refrigerator, Bunkerless, equipped with Load restraining equipment. These cars were designed to protect cargo from the elements and extreme temperature swings without the use of mechanical refrigeration or heating equipment.

The 16' wide door opening made loading and unloading easier plus the closed double-plug-doors created a smooth, sealed opening inside the car. In addition, these cars included cushioned underframes so they were popular with shippers of delicate items like canned goods, bottled products and foodstuffs. Shippers of finished lumber such as wood veneers also found these cars useful to protect their delicate products while in transit. The Evans 5100 cf Boxcar helped prevent warpage and other damage that would be possible when shipped via plain boxcars or flatcars.

Developed from builder blueprints and extensive photo documentation, this freight car kit represents a typical Evans-built 5100 cubic foot RBL boxcar or USRE "clone". "Clones" were built in USRE facilities to Evans specs. Lasting from the late 1960s well into the 2000s, the Evans 5100 cf Boxcar has served a variety of railroads and private owners. On your layout, they will be at home servicing industries including canneries, beverage bottlers or distributors, food distributors, lumber mills, and lumber distributors. They can also be used as "bridge" traffic between originating and destination railroads. In short, these cars could be found on nearly every railroad in North America during their lifetime.


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