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Under the Hood: Coil Car Review

An Article by Don Dunn

Prototype: In the mid-1990s, Thrall  Car Manufacturing introduced their  42’ coil car. This car shared many traits common to other Thrall-built coil steel cars including the basic body construction and jack pad design. The two major differences were the shorter car length and the use of a single hood instead of two. 

In 2001, Trinity purchased  Thrall Car Manufacturing and continued building the 42’ Coil Car until 2012.  Trinity relocated the end handrails from the ends of the hood to the ends of the car.  These cars are often seen in singles or small groups roaming  North America. 

Model: Included details to be applied by the buyer are four hood guides, load dividers, and five coil loads that are weighted, and sticker sheets for the coils.  The hood guides from the first run are tricky to apply, but on this most recent run, the guides were applied by the factory which is a nice feature.

Comments: I’m overall impressed with these cars. Like all  ScaleTrains.com models, the details are amazing and operate flawlessly on the layout. Some details are difficult to apply, but this car is a welcome model on any layout running modern-day equipment

For more information and videos of these cars in operation, visit: www.ScaleTrains.com and their YouTube Channel.

Facts & Features

Price: $58.99

Era: 1990 to current

Road names: CSX; Norfolk Southern

o Factory-applied metal grab irons, coupler cut levers, and trainline hoses
o Weighted to Industry standards for reliable operation
o Early and late body type
o Two different removable hood types with up to 47 individual parts per hood

Don Dunn is the Editor of “The Mill,” a quarterly e-magazine that covers all things steel mill modeling. When he’s not working on his home layout, Don works as a conductor on a major Class I Railroad.