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Quick & Easy Weathering of the Trinity Tank Car

Pelle Soeeborg is one of today’s most skilled model railroaders.  He has written several how-to books and his work has been featured on the cover of Model Railroader magazine 13 times! Pelle recently purchased three Trinity 31K Gallon Tank Cars to be serviced at the Safety Kleen Oil Recycling Business on his all new Midwestern-themed layout.   After Pelle finished weathering his first tank car, he sent us a photo of the model parked next to the recycling facility – WOW! We were astounded by how realistic the scene appeared and asked Pelle if he would consider writing a weathering how-to article.  Pelle is always willing to share his talent and kindly provided simple step-by-step instructions.


We truly appreciate Pelle taking the time to write this blog.  If you decide to try Pelle’s weathering techniques, please share photos with us on our Facebook page. If you’re still hesitant to try weathering because you’re concerned about ruining an expensive model, we understand because we’ve been there too.  Our Christmas sale has the perfect solution.  Start with our $9.99 boxcar kit.  After practicing on a few boxcars, step-up to our super-detailed Rivet Counter Tank Car for just $24.99 each when you buy 12 or more.  That’s a $14 savings per car.  Problem solved.



Evans 5100 cf RBL Double-Plug-Door Boxcar


Update: Preorders Open Friday 11/20/15 at 8pm EST

First Run - Due December
B&M, BN, Chessie, CNW Trainfest - America's Largest Operating Model Railroad Show​ exclusive, Conrail, Tropicana, UP, Vermont, Willamette, Wisconsin Central

Second Run - Due February
BC Rail, CP, CSX, FEC, GTW, MNS, MP, Ralston Purina, D&RGW, Weyerhauser, Undecorated

As part of the ScaleTrains Kit Classics freight car series, the Evans 5100 cf RBL Double-Plug-Door Boxcar is designed to be affordable, easy-to-assemble, and rugged for years of enjoyment.


  • Multiple road numbers
  • Separately applied handbrake wheel
  • Finely cast underbody and brake system
  • ASF Ride Control Trucks
  • Machined metal wheels
  • Body-mounted semi-scale Type E knuckle couplers
  • Replacement parts available
  • Minimum radius 18”

MSRP: $17.99
Our Mix & Match Price:
1 to 5 $13.99
6 to 11 $12.99
12+ $12.49


Museum Quality Models


Legendary ScaleTrains™

On Saturday, November 14th, we invite you to see the difference. You won’t believe your eyes when we unveil our first Museum Quality™ locomotive at Trainfest® in Milwaukee, WI.

Museum Quality models are historically accurate replicas of some of the most famous locomotives in American railroading history. We combine exhaustive research and a commitment to perfection to create the ultimate HO scale model. We have also added enhanced sound effects, LED lighting, and animation to bring each locomotive to life.

Our first Museum Quality locomotive has only been offered in brass previously. Our first legendary scale train features selectable tricolor class lights; illuminated instrument panel; rotating bearing caps when appropriate; and numerous road number specific details.

One of the objectives of our company and cornerstones of the Museum Quality brand is to support North American railroad preservation. We believe maintaining historically significant equipment provides a connection to our past and an opportunity to encourage an interest in trains and model railroading. For every Museum Quality model sold on the first production run, we will make a financial contribution to the historical organizations who graciously helped us create our first locomotive.

This November, discover Museum Quality trains and see why they are just as legendary as the original.

The Crew


Innovative Scale Trains Deserve Tru-Color Paint Colors

In keeping with our mission to create Innovative ScaleTrains™ models, we’ve partnered with the experts in railroad paint colors, Tru-Color Paint. Like the™ team, Tru-Color Paint has a passion for offering the highest quality products.   This dedication has led Tru-Color Paint to create several unique colors so our models look just like their full-scale counterpart. Tru-Color Paint provides color chips and then our factory matches each paint color.

Since Tru-Color Paint is available from hundreds of model railroad retailers and soon at, finding the appropriate color to match our models will be easy. If your train has an accident and requires touch-up paint, just visit your model’s product page on our website to find the appropriate color. Tru-Color Paints are easy-to-use, plastic compatible, and quick drying.

To learn more about Tru-Color Paint’s extensive paint line including airbrush paint, brushable paint, color charts, and more, visit


Trainfest® in Milwaukee, WI

We’re excited Martin Cohen and Scott Cohen from Tru-Color Paint will be joining us at Trainfest in Milwaukee, WI on November 14th and 15th. Martin and Scott are looking forward to meeting everyone who stops-by the display at booth #3114. They will be happy to share the advantages of using Tru-Color Paint as well as answer questions.


Welcome to


Welcome to

We truly appreciate your support and interest in our new company.  We’re also thankful for our families’ commitment plus the countless blessings that have allowed us to pursue our dream.

When we embarked on the journey to become a new model railroad manufacturer, we challenged ourselves to push the boundaries of our Industry while keeping every type of modeler in mind.  Eventually this led us to our mission - creating innovative scale trains.

When we reveal our first locomotive, freight cars, and vehicles this November, we’ll have everything from a value-conscious HO scale freight car kit to an HO scale locomotive worthy of being exhibited in an American history museum.

Through 2016, we plan to unveil several all-new products including:

HO Scale Trains

  •  Two locomotives
  •  Five freight cars
  •  Two vehicles

 N Scale Trains

  •  Two locomotives
  •  Two freight cars
  •  Two vehicles

Each of these models is based upon a different platform and most will be delivered between this November and the end of 2016.  And when we announce a new model, we’ll have painted and decorated sample so you’ll know exactly what to expect.   

As we prepare to launch at Trainfest in Milwaukee, WI, we’ll be sharing several exciting details along the way including visiting the National Train Show later this month and an opportunity to win tickets to our November 13th Preview Party. 

Thank you for joining us on this adventure and being a part of the fun!


The Team