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Last Ride for 3985

Article and Video by Zach Pumphrey In October 2010, Union Pacific’s 4-6-6-4 “Challenger” type steam locomotive #3985 made its last excursion tour before being taken out of service. Little did we know at the time, but the UP had Big Boy 4014 up their sleeve….

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Time to Model: Delivering ONE’s First Container

In this week’s Time to Model™ spotlight, we’re featuring a video produced by Ocean Network Express which follows the company’s first shipping container by train from Washington State to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Three years ago this month (June 2021), ONE delivered its first shipping…

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Time to Model: ES44 Review Video

In this week’s Time to Model™ spotlight, we’re featuring jlwii2000’s (James Wright) review video of our first group of Rivet Counter™ HO Scale ES44 GEVOs. In this in-depth video, James discusses all the features of the model including lighting, sound, and road number specific details…

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Time to Model: Penn Central Power

An Article by Jerry Jordak – Photos by Ed Painter As part of its ongoing battle to move trains over the Allegheny Mountains, the Pennsylvania Railroad in the mid-1960s began a shift in its motive power purchases, moving away from four-axle road power and instead…

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