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All About Admiral Cabs

Have you ever wondered where Admiral Cabs get their name from? Well, there’s a Reason for it: Admiral J. Paul Reason to be exact. The design idea came from the retired Admiral, who once served on Norfolk Southern’s board of directors. Unlike a traditional cab, the front windows are sloped inward from the top down, intended to cut glare, similar to windshields on the bridge of Navy vessels. With this unique window design helping crew visibility, Norfolk Southern’s Juniata Shops would also work to develop a thicker nose to increase crew safety in the event of a head-on collision. Additional modifications to the locomotives during the rebuild process included anti-climbers on the pilot, electronic parking brakes, and air conditioning units. Now common on local freight trains, Norfolk Southern’s “Admiral Cab” SD40-2s are easily some of the most-recognizable locomotives on the rails today.

Last year, Josh Clark (NSModeler24 on YouTube) shared this video of his Rivet Counter™ HO Scale Admiral Cab SD40-2 working a MOW train on his beautiful Asheville District layout. Watch the video below.